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Our primary focus is providing a safe and secure environment in which youth and families can begin to work through a process of reconciliation and reunification. The mission of Stopover recognizes the natural desire and best interest of adolescent youth to maintain family relationships even as they seek independence. Stopover is actively involved in helping program participants identify and connect with adults who are appropriate in supporting their quest for independence and self sufficiency.


Stopover’s approach to service is informed by an ideology that incorporates the following primary principles of service:

  • Services add value to the life of the participant
  • Participants experience and increase in competency
  • Participants experience an improved self-image
  • Participants experience an improved image in the community
  • Services are provided from a level of consciousness that prevents participants from being devalued
  • Services provide participants an opportunity for autonomy and self-sufficiency
  • Services allow participants to seek improved social roles and status
  • Participants are respected

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